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If you want to take a 4×4 vehicle off-roading, it’s vital that you understand taking it into the outback as standard is not a good plan.

Even the most expensive four-wheel heel vehicles usually require some specific upgrades to allow them to safely handle terrain that isn’t paved unless you have the correct 4×4 wheels and your vehicle is at the right elevation, you can cause some serious damage.


So what makes a good pair of 4×4 wheels? Answering this question is very important when you’re considering the best equipment and accessories you will need to install on your vehicle to safely take off-road. The best 4×4 wheels designed for off-roading are alloy or steel.


Steel 4×4 Wheels

Steel wheels are by far the cheapest type of 4×4 wheel you can buy; as they are solid and heavy. The combination of strength and weight that comes with a steel 4×4 wheel makes them a very popular type of off-roading wheel. One of the key considerations when choosing a steel 4×4 whee is that they will add as significant amount of unsprung weight.


Unsprung weight refers to any weight in your 4×4 that is not supported by the suspension springs, your brakes, tires and wheels are all considered unsprung weight.


How well a 4×4 will perform the vehicle’s unsprung weight can directly effect-road performance. Steel wheels while strong are heavier and may cause your ride to be rougher when off roading.



Alloy 4×4 Wheels

When you’re talking about Alloy 4×4 wheels, you have two to choose from either forged or cast. They make the vast majority from aluminum that is mixed with a unique element to make it more durable. They form forged and cast alloys differently.


Cast 4×4 alloy wheels are made using a mold, as a result that is far cheaper, lighter and for off-roading and weaker than a forged 4×4 alloy wheel.

Taking the 4×4 with cast alloy wheels off-road should be avoided. Whether you choose to a forged alloy or steel will be down to your own preference. But there are some things you should consider.


A forged 4×4 alloy wheel is made by using high pressure and heat to forge the aluminum into the shape of a wheel. The results being forged 4×4 wheels nearly the equivalent of a steel wheel for durability but they are far lighter.

All these 4wd wheels Australia are a far more expensive option than using a steel 4×4 wheel they are an excellent choice for off-roading. When you’re added to the equation that they reduce your unsprung weight, they will help increase the predictability and stability of your vehicle when you take it off-road.